ACC Student Spotlight—Priyanka Bose

Priyanka Bose, a senior at Yorktown High School is a strong advocate of the Career Center and its real world training emphasis.  She is is living example of the school’s mission to instill a passion for learning by doing.  As a sophomore, she was enrolled in the Physical Therapy/Sports Medicine class and was awarded the “Highest Technical Achievement Award” for exceptional medical aptitude and completion of 280 internship hours with her home school athletic trainer.  Up to now, she continues to be a vital member of Yorktown’s Athletic Training Department. Her Physical Therapy/Sports Medicine teacher Sheila Napala recalls a timid and reserved girl that soon blossomed into a confident and extremely capable young lady, prepared to tackle any challenge she sets her mind to accomplish. Her goal is to become a paramedic on a medical helicopter, and Priyanka has certainly taken the necessary actions to fulfill her dream.

The following year as a junior, Priyanka enrolled in the Emergency Medical Technology class with Saruhan Hatipoglu as her instructor.  He wrote, “”Priyanka has been my student in the EMT class last academic year. She has been remarkable in her pursuit of interest in this field. Not only has she put in the time that is required to be successful to pass the class, Priyanka made sure she allocated more time and effort to pass the challenging state practical and national written test to become an officially recognized EMT in VA in August. When she turns 18, she will be recognized as a Nationally Registered EMT (NREMT). One of Priyanka’s distinguishing qualities is her commitment. Commitment to the class, commitment to helping others and commitment to working in a group environment. She was always ready to lend a hand to her classmates to make sure that they did not fall behind. Her involvement in the Arlington County Fire Department at this young age is yet another example of her commitment to the field of Emergency Medical Services (EMS). Priyanka has already asked me if she could do her senior experience with my class this May. I happily accepted as she will play an important assistant role in preparing this year’s class to take their certification exam, having been there herself a year ago. I expect Priyanka to further advance her pursuit in the field by undertaking the challenging Paramedic program and continuing her involvement in the field helping her community. She will lead by example.”

Now a senior, Priyanka continues to broaden her knowledge of medicine while enrolled in the Forensics Science class with Anne Cupero. Priyanka is a welcome addition to this class because she can describe the conditions that occur in certain situations pertaining to death; she often assists other students in the acronyms and unfamiliar vocabulary of the medical/violent event emergency. Priyanka assisted during the cadaver lab dissection and is well-poised to continue her studies at Northern Virginia Community College as a paramedic/health professional. She is a strong, capable young lady who is learning this new facet of her field, and thoroughly immersing herself in the knowledge!

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