Ashley Neal – Chemistry 10 , Physics, and HILT A Science

What do you contribute to Career Center?

I believe I have a unique personality that comes with discipline I acquired a college preparatory former military school. Also, being an athlete I understand the challenges that students have whether it’s jobs, sports, or  family issues and things like that, on top of their school work.  I also believe I bring a unique way to deliver instructions that benefits students in a way that they learn more and be self sufficient, and motivated.


What program are you in?

I am a Chemistry 10, Physics, and HILT A Science teacher.


What has been your experience at the Career Center?

I’ve been here for awhile and overall it’s been good.


What’s been your most positive experience at the Career Center?

Working with all of the students.


How can students contact and locate you?

I’m omnipotent. I’m everywhere. They can come to me at CC support, usually in the mornings, preferably B days. Emails before 9 cause that’s my bedtime.

You can also email me at

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