Scott Lockhart – Standard Animal Science and Advanced Animal Science

What do you contribute to Career Center?

Ok, so I am an Animal Science teacher. So we help prepare students for a lot of different animal-related jobs; wide variety from veterinarians to trainers, head sitters, groomers, we have people working at the zoo that were former students and things like that.  So, we just try to help people prepare for those kinds of careers which is an up incoming, very popular jobs in the market, one of the top ten.  So, we think we do a pretty good job with that.


What program are you in?

I’m in the Animal Science program; which is two different classes, the Advanced Animal Science and typical Animal Science.


What has been your experience at the Career Center?

Um, I’ve been here 21 years. Pretty happy to be associated with the program; I’m convinced that it is unique in the country.  I don’t think there is another set up like this that has the exotic animal exposure that we provide for students


What experience do you have at the Career Center?

Alright again, I’ve been here 21 years in this position; um, besides there, I am certified by the American Association of Laboratory Animal Scientists, Um MAP certified

Work for the park service, couple of zoos, an aquarium, wildlife rehabilitation, animal research at the university level; and um, so, I bring that to the table as lots of CTE teachers are…not… um… formally trained as teachers, um they are second-careers people and I guess I fall into that as well as having a Bachelor’s degree in Science education.


What’s been your most positive experience at the career center?

Um. I think working with students and getting the opportunity of having them work with professionals in the field. Like I said, we have people working at the zoo… Um.. but they did internships with professionals at the zoo; earliest as high school students. We have a lot support from the community like the veterinary field, um, pet sitters, dog trainers, groomers; um, they are very generous to shelters, um to wide variety of animal-related jobs out there with professionals in the field, that really open their arms to our students and give them a lot of opportunities of kind of like a head start on their career.


How can students contact and locate you?

Okay, so, we are in the Animal Science portion of the Arlington Career Center. There is certainly a website with our email address

For me in particular, it is and my phone number is 703-228-576

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