Timothy Scanlon – Economics and Personal Finance and U.S History

What do you contribute to Career Center?

I think I contribute the most by teaching the  economics and personal finance class because that is my main class and that is an extremely valuable class for high school students to take, even if you are just a sophomore, even if you might not necessarily have a savings account now and doing all these different activities yet. Hopefully, in the future or near future, you guys will experience all these in the real world for yourselves. My goal is that you’ll be able to use these skills and lessons we’ve learned in class and be able to use them for your benefit when you’re having bank accounts or you’re taking different types of insurance or you need to figure out your taxes when you have a summer job or working during the school year. I think that’s how I contribute to the ACC.


What program are you in?

Arlington tech, Academic Academy, and HILT Institute.


What has been your experience at the Career Center?

My experience at the CC so far has been very positive. I really enjoy the small class sizes which definitely helps with getting to know students, it helps with being able to sort of visualize the work a lot more.


How can students contact and locate you?

You can email me at timothy.scanlon@apsva.us or you can find me at the pink door in the hidden hallway upstairs.

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