Tinequa Reese – Biology 9

What do you contribute to Career Center?

I contribute joy and happiness an upbeat spirit and creativity just doing things differently.


What program are you in?

Arlington Tech.


What has been your experience at the Career Center?

Pretty positive. It’s been good. Its different but not different in a bad way. Its new and we actually have done some exciting things here.


What’s been your most positive experience at the Career Center?

Honestly, working with you guys. I like it because not only do I get to challenge you guys, but you guys get to challenge me. You make me come up with things, be innovative and think outside the box. I gotta take what I’ve already done and make it better and I like that.


How can students contact and locate you?

I am on the second floor in the corner. You can email me at tinequa.reese@apsva.us.

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