Isaac Zawalo – Algebra 2, Algebra 2 Intensified, Precalculus, Calculus, Math for Liberal Arts

What do you contribute to Career Center?

I’m a teacher, I provide students with instruction. But I think I contribute more than that. I think I try to motivate students to do their best. I think as a minority I serve as a motivating person to minority students

What program are you in?

I’m signed with Arlington Tech but I teach students from all [of the] other programs and other schools in the county.

What has been your experience at the Career Center?

My experience has been great.One thing I like is […] that we have students that may come here with challenges but then we help them to realize their full potential. And I think that’s what makes me like this place. So it’s not so much who’s the greatest smartest student but the students that have the heart to so well.

What’s been your most positive experience at the Career Center?

My most positive experience at the career center has been witnessing, for many years, the HILT students making progress. From where they came from to what they become by the time they are leaving. That has been the most positive experience and I continue to maintain positive relationships 4, 5, 6 years after they leave here.

How can students contact and locate you?

I’m always here. I’m always in my room. I don’t go for lunch, I don’t leave my room. And I’m always available to my students before school, after school and during lunch. Also students can contact me through my email. My email is

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