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Arlington Tech (AT) has once again partnered with NASA to make short educational videos. The first time AT partnered with NASA, the students produced educational videos, which went onto NASA’s website. NASA thought AT did such a good job, that they’ve asked AT to do it again. Although, this time the process of actually producing the product will be a bit different. This time, the process will go through three stages. The first stage goes on in chemistry class, where the students research a science misconception that will be addressed in the videos. The second stage is in English class, where the students take the chemistry class’ research and use it to inform the creation of storyboards and the writing of scripts for the videos. The third and final stage is in TV production, where the students take the completed scripts and storyboards to film the videos.  

The remarkable thing about this partnership is that it is a unique one. When NASA needed these educational videos completed, they didn’t come to the Arlington Career Center first. They went to the big public high schools. The high schools however, were not able to deliver a satisfying product. Therefore, they came to Arlington Tech, where the program had the TV production equipment, studio, and classes to create the videos. NASA was extremely satisfied with the final product. In fact, they were so satisfied with it that they decided to come back to AT to do it again! However, Arlington Tech is just a stepping stone towards the final goal of this project in general, which is that any high school can go through the creation and production process developed at AT then submit these educational videos to the NASA educational website for approval to be displayed.

Last year was very successful, but this year AT wants to continue to improve the creative process. This year what AT did for the project is to separate the workload throughout three different courses to make the experience more authentic to working world collaboration, so it’s now not just TV production working on this. Here are the current roles of the project described by the English 9 Intensified teacher, Ms Hartley: “Now, Chemistry has one part, they are the science experts, English 9 Intensified is creating storyboards and writing the scripts, and TV production takes the scripts and puts them into video format.” Each course presents their information to next group, stays in contact to answer any questions, and acts as subject matter experts on their section of the project to simulate a real life/collaborative experience.

The timeline for this project is as follows: The chemistry students turned in their individual research on the 16th and 17th of October. They then presented their research to the NASA representative, Dr. Bowers, on the 31st of October. Then, the first week back from Winter Break, the chemistry students presented their research and information about the project to the freshmen in English 9 Intensified. The English 9 Intensified class then has a month, from January 2 to February 2 to create the storyboards and scripts for the videos. Then, they will take those scripts and storyboards to the TV Production class for filming.  The completed films will be reviewed by Dr. Bowers then submitted to NASA to be displayed on their website.  We can’t wait to see what AT develops this year!

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