Cristian David Ventura

Could you describe the PEP program?

I think of PEP as a three way thing. One is that it teaches you about internships and jobs. Two, it teaches you about how to make a resume, how to interview, that type of deal, right. And three’s how to get around the area, like how to interact with it, you know in a professional way, what things you do do and what things you don’t do.


How do you think PEP has helped you?

PEP has helped me in a lot of ways. One, it helped me gain a lot of new friends. It also helped me with how I interact with people because usually I would be to scared to even talk to a person. It also helped me with the skills that I worked on, I am an artist, and I was able to learn Blender. I know how to use Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, Adobe Aftereffects, which are software for drawing and stuff.


Where are you interning?

Right now I am interning at Arlington Mill, and I interact with seniors, and do a few jobs here and there. I have been there for two years now


What have been some of your favorite places to have interned?

I would say Office Squad, and basically what Office Squad is is that you make a design for a person. What I would do is create a little design, and see if he or she likes it. If he or she does, then we approve it and we print it. Those are my favorite things, I have so much fun doing it. It taught me not everything has to be so detailed, some designs can be simple while others can be complex. It kind of depends on the person.


Do you think you have learned more from the internships or from the in class lessons?

I feel like it is a bit of both, on one half i learn so much about my internships, like how to get there, how to plan to get there…what time to leave, you know. The other half would be learning how to make a resume, how these little things can help me to be better.


Are you working on any interesting projects for pep right now?

I am working on learning blender right now, which is a 3d software, think of it like 3d animation, like Pixar. The other thing I am working on is making a portfolio. The reason I am doing it is a little design that I worked on for a few years and I am basically going to use it for my interviews and just say, hey, these are the things I worked on and if you like them, that is why you should have me.


What do you want to work as?

To be honest my dream job would be to be a graphic designer where you just create designs for clients.


Who do you think the PEP program is for?

In my opinion I feel like it is for people who want to learn what the real world is like before that transition, because PEP is in that in between, that is how I think of it. […] I feel like it is people who want to learn about jobs, who wants to learn about interviews, who want to learn about those type of stuff.

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