Bike Arlington

Bike Arlington and the Arlington Career Center (ACC) are teaming up in a project that combines both the problem-based learning of the ACC with the goals of Bike Arlington to get people both transportation and exercise.

To complete this mission, the ACC has acquired bike parts from Phoenix bikes, a local youth organization, and the students are completing maintenance on the bikes as well as painting them and placing them into a bike sharing library. This amazing project combines the efforts of four classes: Physical Education (PE), Computer Science, Engineering, and Auto Collision.

The project began with the 5B physical education class. The class assembled the bikes, finishing on January 17. Veronica Goff, the PE teacher, states “I think it’s a great opportunity for students and staff, because there are students who take mass transit to and from school and this [collaboration] will let them lead a healthier lifestyle by biking (…) I’m hoping that if the program expands, we can do a biking unit in class.”

The Auto Body class is in the process of painting the bikes and prepare them for engineering, who will work together with Computer Science to build and program the bike rack/library (often referred to as the “Bike-brary”). Wilmer Castro, the Auto Body teacher, states why he’s excited to include his students in this project, “I have a feeling that it is going to be something positive […] I know some students who have no means of transportation. Sometimes, they live close enough [to the school] where they don’t have a bus but still have to speed walk. I can see them using the bikes, and it helping them get to school on time.”

The Computer Science class is developing the app that will allow students and community members  to check out the bikes, ride them, and return them after use. Jeff Elkner, the computer science teacher, states, “It’s an excellent opportunity for the students to work on a real-world project and apply what they’re learning in class.” Elkner also states, “I’m really excited to be working with Bike Arlington and to join in on something in the community. I know this is going to be a great thing for everyone.”

When the project is completed, everyone in the community will be able to use the bike-share library for both exercise and transportation. With the efforts of both Bike Arlington and the ACC, the project is estimated to be finish by the end of the school year. Look forward to seeing the bike-brary out in the community.

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